• Taxation watch out issues in Denmark

    When residing in Denmark you are subject to world wide taxation of income. All income including non Danish income must be reported and taxed in Denmark unless a double [...]
  • tax return 2019
    The annual final tax return for 2019 can be filed from 9. March 2020 and must be filed before 1 May 2020 or 1 July 2020 depending on your tax status on your preliminary tax return for 2019. If you are tax resident in Denmark your worldwide income [...]

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  • The Danish tax system offers tax advantages to individuals who are crossing the Danish border. Many foreigners focus on the high Danish income tax rates but this does not [...]
  •  We offer a range of tax, financial and legal services. Cross border tax advice action plans and completing of tax returns are our largest working area. We also appeal tax [...]